Banners - Rivera Imagery

Personalized and customized team banners are available for all sports and at all levels. Team banners, sized 3'x5', are included with individual banners of a single team of 9 or more. 

2018 Cyclones Spring Banner

Team Composites

Team composite banners are sized at a minimum of 3'x5' and can be as large as 10'x20'! If a certain size or budget is to be considered, contact us and we will work something out. 

Starts at $300 per team. Minimum 9 players at time of shoot.

Bookings include:

*Planning consultation

*Shoot session

*Extraction of players and design elements

*2 (two) revisions and/or adjustments

*Chosen size of 15 oz vinyl banner material with grommets every 2-3 feet. 

Individual Banners $100

Individual banners, sized 2'x4', include the shoot, design, and banner printed on 13oz vinyl with grommets on each corner. Prior to the shoot, we will converse about the type of design wanted and we will collect logos of team if available and sponsor logos. We will have 2 (two) consultations for revisions and adjustments prior to submitting the order. 

Banners are great for hanging on fences at any venue and will last the entire season, including inclimate weather. After the season, they make a great gift to the player or to hang on any wall at home.

Senior Banners

Booster clubs and team parents!

Schedule banners are a great way to advertise your home team's schedule and raise some extra money! Not only are these banners available at any size, but they can also be used to get local businesses to invest in some advertising to the local community. The addition of sponsor logos are included in the price and can be adjusted to the liking of the client. 

These banners can also be printed on poster paper and sold as another fundraising opportunity at home games. Schedule posters are only available as an add-on to a team banner.

Schedule Banner

2017 CSHS Football Schedule Banner