Real Estate Rates - Rivera Imagery

Fixer Upper Home


     Some listings may not require a full photo shoot. A "Fixer Upper photos" appointment will take roughly one hour and will deliver 6-8 interior & exterior photos. “Fixer Upper Photos” may be of slightly lower quality than our standard photography services due to the circumstances. Your photographer will not be responsible for the condition of the home and how it may effect the photos.

*Fixer Upper status will be determined by Photographer/Rivera Imagery.

Standard Listings

     Our standard rates include interior and exterior photos. The number of photos you will receive will depend on the size and condition of the home. We do not limit the number of photos you will receive. The only limiting factor will be the condition of the home, its surroundings and the weather.

If there is a feature that you, the Agent, or your seller would like to ensure is included in the session, please relay that information to your photographer. Inversely, if there is something that must be excluded (aside from something obvious), again, remind your photographer.

0-2000 Square Feet


2001-3000 Square Feet


3001-4000 Square Feet


4001+ Square Feet

Custom Pricing. Email for quote.


We are currently training in the utilization of Zillow's Video Walkthrough to include in all packages. Once we have been certified, we will automatically begin to include the walkthrough in every session. 

The video is just that. A video. Not a slideshow of static pictures with some music. The software is provided by Zillow and uploads immediately. The processing time will vary, but you will be notified once it has been accepted. 

There will be NO EXTRA charge for this service, but will only be available as as complimentary add-on service. It will not be available a la carte or prior to the invoice being paid. 

The Boo part

Same Day Delivery (appointments prior to 5pm only)

$50 Photos will be delivered as soon as possible depending on scheduling.

24 Hour Cancelation

$75 - Only levied if appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of set appointment.      

Mileage Fee

$0.45 per mile - Only added if over 20 miles from my location. Will be calculated via Google Maps, using the fastest route option. 

Photographer Stage/Clean Fee

$50 - If the house is NOT a fixer upper but requires cleaning like it is one, this fee will be assessed. Photographer will move small furniture for composition purposes only. Otherwise, the home will be photographed as is. 

The Fun Part


Military - We offer a 10% discount to Veterans with proper and valid Military Identification. Valid Military ID, Veteran ID Card through Loma Linda VA Medical Center or a DD-214 with any R.E. Code other than "Dishonorable".   

Referral - Refer 5 (five) new clients to receive 1 (one) free listing (up to 3000 square feet). Client MUST mention your name and have no outstanding invoices in order to receive credit. Free listing is still susceptible to fees from "The Boo Part". 

*Not redeemable for cash. Void where prohibited.